Kirk Waithe -- the leader of the "NOW" political party, and the founder of the TCM auto services company is seeking to clear the name of Andrew "Solo" Morris.

Morris was one of the suspects in the Andrea Bharatt case.

He died in police custody.

In a video shared with TV6, Waithe said Morris was not involved in Bharatt's death and disappearance.

The message is apparently about a GPS system in a car.

And while the person in the voice-note is never heard identifying himself, Kirk Waithe says that the voice was that of Andrew Solo Morris.

And, there is no reference to any of the other suspects named in the case, nor any mention of Bharatt.


The Parlatuvier Jetty has literally reached breaking point. As the structure collapsed over the weekend, making the task for fisher folk in the area a risk to their lives.

Shiva Gana, a non-governmental organisation, has tasked itself with opening a women's shelter in order to assist some of the most vulnerable among the population.

A Sangre Grande couple -- on gun and drug charges, is denied bail.

And, a woman gets two years in prison, after 15-thousand dollars is stolen from a woman's handbag.

It might by just a piece of fabric or paper but it holds a very important role at the dinner table.

Road blocks, searches, and several arrests they were all part of a crackdown on illegal activities in and around the capital city, today.

As, City police carried out a 12-hour operation.

An elderly man in Tobago escaped with his life after a fire destroyed his home and partially destroyed a house he had under construction, in Patience Hill.