A POLICE officer with 19 years’ service is expec­ted to appear before a Port of Spain magistrate today on charges of misbehaviour in public office after he allegedly threatened to “prosecute” a vendor if he didn’t pay the officer $3,500.

The officer was held on Monday at the Emergency Response Patrol office at the Police Training Academy in St James during an exercise supervised by ACP Totaram Dookhie.

The Express was told that on June 13, the two officers, in a marked police vehicle, stopped the 36-year-old vendor who police said has a disabi­lity.

The two officers took the victim to the Maraval Police Station under the pretence of serving a summons on him.

At the station, they searched the victim’s car and found $3,500.

The reports said the officers took the 36-year-old man’s cash, and when he complained, they threatened to prosecute him for the offence of possession of ammunition.

The victim then complied with the situation and was released.

However, he made a report to the Profession­al Standards Bureau and an investigation was launched, ending with the officer’s arrest on Monday.

Yesterday, Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard gave advice to charge one of the officers with two counts of misbehaviour in public office, on the grounds he misbehaved by robbing the victim $3,500; and he misbehaved by threatening the victim to prosecute him for possession of ammunition.

The charge was laid by Sgt Leon Modeste.


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Some two years and four months after Prime Minister Rowley announced in June, 2017, that this country cannot afford to pay $200 million to a foreign contractor to maintain four Augusta Westland 139 helicopters, they remain grounded.