The Children's Authority also says it is deeply saddened by the tragic death of three children, as a result of the fire this morning and extends condolences to the family, friends and community.

It says the Authority's Emergency Response Team has joined other agencies within the Child Protection Sector to offer support to the parents and their two surviving children.

Mrs. Nichola Harvey-Mitchell, Director of the Authority says, "the loss of these children is devastating for the families and the national community.... and the Authority will do its part to support the family". She adds, "the Authority has been collaborating with stakeholders to provide the necessary interventions that will allow the family to begin the process of healing".

Mrs. Harvey-Mitchell notes the Authority has also intervened to provide support to the children who witnessed the death of a relative at the weekend. She says "the Authority is collaborating with the Victim and Witness Support Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service and is working with the family to provide a safe and stable environment for the children".

The Authority believes that keeping children safe is of paramount importance and is encouraging families and the national community to work together to ensure the safety and well-being of children, so they can achieve their full potential.

While the Authority is the agency mandated with the responsibility to provide care, protection and rehabilitation to the nation's children, the Authority cannot do it alone.

The Authority says it will continue to meet with stakeholders, including Faith-Based, Community-Based and Non-Governmental Organisations to collaborate in the best interest of the nation's children, and reminds the public that "Child Protection Is Everybody's Business.


President Paula-Mae Weekes is tonight pointing out to the Opposition UNC that there is a notification before the parliament with respect to Mr. Vincel Edwards as a nominee for Member of the Police Service Commission. 

The severe blow the tourism sector took, the agricultural sector, and surviving the covid19 pandemic, were just some of the areas THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis focused on, on delivering his Republic day message, to the people of Tobago.