7 arrested in plot to steal murdered couple's life savings

There is a breakthrough in the double murder of John Mills and his wife Evlyn John.

Mills' death certificate was used at a financial institution in Trinidad, in an attempt to withdraw his savings.

The couple was found bound and gagged at their Cocrico Avenue, Buccoo New Road, home, on May 2. Autopsy results revealed both had been strangled, but Mills was also stabbed about the body.

The two were close friends of Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley.

Mills & Rowley

Over the last two weeks, the Tobago Homicide , Fraud Squad backed up by other units within the TTPS were involved in an operation both in Trinidad and Tobago .

Seven people were arrested and charged by Fraud Squad officers for trying to defraud the Unit Trust Corporation.

Two of those arrested are former Unit Trust employees. They were held in Crown Point heading to the ANR Robinson International Airport. They had tickets to Amsterdam.

Two have appeared in court in Trinidad charged with  conspiracy to defraud.

The five others, including a neighbour of Mills will appear before a Scarborough Magistrate Court, charged with conspiracy to defraud as well.

No one has been charged with the murder of the couple.


Municipal Police officers are getting half of a uniform, and there's no clear cut system in place, for, disciplinary action to be taken against them.