Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal told the House of Representatives during the Budget debate today that the Government has been spending several million dollars to pay who he identified as six Special Reserve Police officers.

Dr Moonilal claimed the officers are part of ongoing anti-corruption investigations targeting former Cabinet members of the previous People's Partnership administration.


This country's border restrictions remain but a committee is being assembled to recommend the best way forward in removing the travel exemption system that controls the repatriation of Trinidad and Tobago nationals.

Two men were murdered overnight and one more this afternoon, and police officer recover stolen cash in Tobago.

One company in the Pt Lisas Industrial Estate says that there is an opportunity to change the way it supplies the petrochemical plants there than can reduce their reliance on this nation's natural gas supply.

Government has been doing all it can, providing millions to assist the people of Tobago, in the revitalization of the economy, but some voices in Tobago only seem to be negative.