45 year-old Lisa Clarke of Bacolet Tobago is bedridden, and doctors have told her that she may become crippled without surgery.

But what caused her to be in this condition?

Ms. Clarke told us that on the 21st of June 2017 she fell in a pool of water while on the job at WASA Lowlands and underwent spinal surgery.

However she suffered additional injury while being transported to a Caribbean Airlines Aircraft on February 5th this year. Elizabeth Williams visited the woman at her Bacolet home and has this report.


As thirty year-old Ornella Greaves is laid to rest, her grieving husband, Darren Joseph says he is offended that Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith hasn't made any efforts to meet him.

The Division of Health, Wellness and Family Development is at this time still in the process of paying out COVID-19 relief grants, some two months after persons would have applied.