A brand of condensed milk from Jamaica isn’t being sold in Trinidad and Tobago. The Trade Minister is dismissing any fears a trade barrier is now being implemented against a Jamaican product.

A Jamaican business organisation says the condensed milk has been accepted by International Corporation Nestle, so why not here?

The issue was raised at the "Opening Session of the Jamaica Trade Mission to Trinidad and Tobago."

Juhel Browne and cameraman Immanuel Nunez were there.


Based on what's happening the world over due to Covid-19, the focus is on what's happening with volleyball in this country. Had it not been for the pandemic, domestic competitions would have been on and national teams would have been making preparations for tournaments.

The Tobago Hotel and Tourism Association (THTA) is today expressing its disappointment over the proposed distribution of the recently announced $50M Tourism Grant to be administered by the Tobago Tourism Agency Ltd (TTAL).

With projections of a wetter than average rainy season, there is the propensity for increased flooding.