Tonight's weekend spotlight is all about ABC's... most of us have been taught A is for apple and B is for bat, but what if we swapped those words for local terms like B for bake and C for carnival?

Tonight we turn the spotlight on UK based Trini born aspiring children's book writer Nikisha Watson. Enjoy this report compiled by Melissa Maynard.


'Minshall by Norton', that's the title of a new book that has captured and celebrates the dynamic legacy shared by two artistes, Peter Minshall and Noel Norton over four decades. It documents the creations of one genius, captured by another.

Tim Kee was a former Trinidad and Tobago Football Association President. 

Sanctioning the installation of donated timekeeper's clock at Harris Promenade, San Fernando is one of the last actions by current Mayor Junia Regrello before finding out if he's selected for a second term.