Some seven thousand one hundred and sixty vaccines were administered across T&T on Wednesday, but for the thousands more who turned out only to be turned away, the day was nothing short of mayhem and disappointment evoking a public apology from the Minister of Health. Here's what our videographers Brandon Benoit and Kerry Patrick caught on camera as they roved vaccination sites cross country.


The Contractors Association is one of the private sector industries to partner with the Ministry of Health regarding the vaccination drive.

A man is ordered to stay away from his niece...

Writer and performer Kyle Hernandez of Trinidad is receiving death threats, following a performance he did on local television station WESN, where he seemed to insult not only Tobagonians but the national bird of the island.

A number of elderly persons in Tobago 60 years and older, who were not registered to be vaccinated, were turned away for a second day at the three health centres on the island.