The chairman of the UNC, National Security Minister Jack Warner is tonight giving the nation the party's position on the ongoing impasse between the party's political leader, the Prime Minister and the President over the section 34 fiasco.

He is also questioning the motive behind the President's request for the Prime Minister to provide him with information on the early proclamation of section 34.


Minister of National Security Fitzgerald Hinds says a frontal approach to fighting crime is necessary in Tobago, especially in light of several seizures of drugs, arms and ammunition, and persons breaking the public health regulations. Elizabeth Williams spoke with Minister Hinds and has this report.

Good health and nutrition are even more important in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. People with comorbidities have been disproportionately affected in relation to serious illness and death. 

12 Venezuelans have been charged for illegal entry and 2 men are arrested for selling a fake PS4 console.

The COVID-19 death toll in recent months has continued to spark increasing concern among the population for reasons including the presence of the P1 variant, the decreasing age gap...