A call is being made tonight to all legitimate taxi drivers to prepare to challenge the government on any plan to regularise private hire taxi drivers.

At a news conference held today at the Macaulay Community Centre, members of the Trinidad and Tobago Taxi Drivers Network complained that they are not being consulted in any discussions. They tell reporter Cindy Raghubar-Teekersingh that the government will be opening a gateway for other illegal activities if it bypasses the existing taxi badge process to legalise the PH trade.


Pnm Tobago Council Political Leader Tracy Davidson-Celestine, is sending a message to PDP Deputy Political Leader Farley Augustine, that he should not trust PDP leader Watson Duke.

A three hundred and fifty million dollar Argyle Falls Resort, hotel and town houses, to be established in Roxborough Tobago.

If you were at Maracas Beach today you would have noticed a heavy police presence as they insisted on strict adherence to road safety and health regulations.