Responding to a Forbes Article saying, Caribbean Countries were the Biggest plastic Polluters in the World, the Solid Waste Management Company of T&T is saying "what rubbish".

When contacted by TV6 the company says, Forbes got T&T's figure, for waste generation per capita wrong.

According to the World Bank's latest report, it's 1.47 kilogrammes and not 3.6kgs per capita.

After contacting the Magazine, SWMCOL says Forbes has assured that "numerical changes highlighted are made as quickly as possible."

SWMCOL tells us they've been involved in a series of initiatives aimed at decreasing T&T's figures.

That includes a beach clean-up exercise in Chagville, tomorrow.


National junior player Aalisha Alexis says it's a privilege to be back in training as she's playing a non-contact sport.

No word yet from FIFA as the United TTFA and their legal team was hoping for some response on Friday with a proposed 2pm deadline.