About 25 per cent of small or medium sized businesses are estimated to have closed their doors permanently, in the downtown San Fernando area.

According to the area's Chamber of Commerce President Kiran Singh, they were hoping to see a greater easing of restrictions by the Prime Minister last Saturday.

He told reporter Cindy Raghubar-Teekersingh today, the food and beverage sector remaining closed means thousands remain on the breadline, struggling to survive.


President of the First Divisional Fire Officers Association, David Thomas, is tonight telling TV6 NEWS, many fire officers in the country, are feeling frustrated and abandoned by the Ministry of National Security.

A Trinidad based company was chosen, to supply devices for Tobago's children, through the Division of Education.

Attorney General Faris Al Rawi sitting virtually with host of Morning Edition Fazeer Mohammed sought to address several topics of concern ranging from prison reform, anti-gang legislation...