Members of the Senate observed a moment of silence in remembrance of the former president.

All three benches paid tribute to Professor Richards.

Franklin Khan: "Professor Richards served for two terms from 2003 to 2013 as this country's fourth president, the only one to date without a legal background, in spite of that he clearly understood his role as president and carried it out with clarity and decorum."

Wade Mark: "His passion for critical thinking, precision in the use of language as reflected in his erudite addresses to the nation and his general love for life will be sorely missed and long be remembered, indeed it can truly be said he was a man of a golden age."

David Small: "He went on to also say that TT is in need of a social intervention, the solution he indicated is getting guns and drugs off the streets, and he indicated he would support any female president, parallels with his message ten years ago is indeed striking."


A trail of destruction in Tobago, as the Tobago Emergency Management Agency was kept busy responding to more than eighty reports of areas impacted by the severe weather. 

Many communities in South Trinidad were busy preparing for the impact Tropical Storm Karen could have brought.