Claims of religious discrimination.

This, from a pundit, who says he's speaking on behalf of parents and teachers of Barrackpore East Secondary school.

Pundit Satyanand Maharaj says, Hindu teachers have been told to stop planting Jhandis, which are Hindu prayer flags, on the school's compound.

He calls it, a blatant religious attack, and he wants an investigation.

Reporter Cindy Raghubar-Teekersingh has the story.


Cricket umpire Joel Wilson has made a name for himself and the region through his involvement in international matches.

The Prime Minister says the facility in Arouca that was being run by TLM as a rehabiltation was a substandard outfit and it's status has to be determined.

Prisons FC leapfrogged the pack to the top of the standings, after getting the better of UTT, as last evening saw some top of the table contests in round 3 of the Terminix Super League.

The OWTU has fired back at Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal's claims in parliament earlier this week about an association with Penal-based company, AV Oil and Drilling.