The Prime Minister continues to defend his position, and speak on the ongoing matter of charges being laid against Marlene McDonald.

Dr. Rowley addressed the issue at a town hall-style meeting in Port of Spain, on Thursday night, and reject outright, calls by the UNC for him to call the general election now!.

Nicholas Lutchmansingh has this story.


The country records five murders in twenty four hours, and in a bizzare twist, two alleged gunmen turned their guns on themselves after murdering the son of a known community leader in Diego Martin. Here's more.

Minister in the Ministry of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs, Fitzgerald Hinds, says the amendments to the Interception of Communications Bill are solely to boost law enforcement, and not for any political reasons.

The Veteran Footballers Foundation held their 10th anniversary celebration on Sunday honouring three major contributors to the sport.

Tents owe the Housing Development Corporation some forty five million dollars in rent, but the Corporation won't be evicting.

NGC Couva Joylanders reigned supreme winning the National Panorama Medium Bands Finals competition, held for the first time in Tobago.