An explosion today of the cooling water system at Nutrien Trinidad has led to the No.4 Ammonia plant being shut down.

Nu­trien Trinidad, for­mer­ly PCS Ni­tro­gen, is the coun­try's largest am­mo­nia pro­duc­er and one of the largest ni­tro­gen man­u­fac­tur­ing com­plex­es in the world. Viewers sent us video showing some of the damage and when contacted, the company responded to our queries saying: quote,

"At approximately 7.00 a.m today a section of the cooling water system associated with our No.4 Ammonia Plant was damaged."

The company said there were no injuries or environmental incidents arising out of the mishap and told our newsroom that a safe work plan has been formulated to effect repairs and safety remains the most important priority.

And as to the effect on production, Nutrien says Quote "The No.4 Ammonia plant was safely shut down this morning. Initial estimate of downtime suggests a one week production outage on this plant. All other plants remain unaffected and producing."


If that phrase sounds familiar, you're one of may T20 fans who know the chirpy and bubbly cricket television commentator Danny Morrison.

Some two years and four months after Prime Minister Rowley announced in June, 2017, that this country cannot afford to pay $200 million to a foreign contractor to maintain four Augusta Westland 139 helicopters, they remain grounded.