With its branding was initially a source of disagreement between the National Carnival Commission and Pan Trinbago, North Park will be called by a new name for the National Panorama Finals.

NCC President Winston "Gypsy" Peters, and Pan Trinbago President Beverly Ramsey-Moore toured the proposed site at the Queen's Park Savannah on Sunday.

According to Mrs Ramsey-Moore, discussions between the two went well, and there was an understanding.

Sturctural changes were also agreed upon, according to the Pan Trinbago President.

She said there will be new arrangements with respect to the two separate components of North Park: North Park Grounds and North Park Covered.

In an interview on TV6's Morning Edition Programme, this morning, NCC's Chairman Winston Gypsy Peters confirmed, that he has agreed to some of Pan Trinbago's suggestions.


Where, Trinidad and Tobago Red Force are confident going into their third round match against Guyana Jaguars at the Providence Stadium.

The run-off between incumbent Kelvin Charles, and Ambassador Tracy Davidson- Celestine will take place on Sunday, to determine the leadership of the PNM Tobago Council...