As Petrotrin and the OWTU get set to return to the Industrial Court on Thursday... government unveils two new oil companies set to replace Petrotrin.

Full page advertisements were published in in all three newspapers today

Ads with present and former Petrorin employees... also in newspapers, and on radio, as well.


Their recovery from the dreadful flood of October is still in its infancy, but, once again, that rehabilitative process has been set back, by more flooding, for many residents of El Carmen, St Helena and nearby Madras Road in Central Trinidad.

A blatant attack by corporate to dismantle the Trade Unions, this is how the labour movement sees the move by TSTT to retrench five hundred employees. Nicholas Lutchmansingh has more.

Seventy-five Cuban asylum seekers were removed by the police from their camp outside of the United Nation's Office in Port of Spain and charged with obstructing the free passageway.

Machel, Mr Fete, Monk Monty, Double M are just the names we know him by but now, you can call him Dr. Montano.