Fete promoters for the Karukera One Love Festival say the decision by the Urban Development Co Ltd to stop construction of the stage in the water at Maracas Bay, is politically motivated.

The promoters say the fete is still on and the stage will be constructed in the sea.

Karukera One Love responds

One of the Cofounders of Karukera One Love, Thierry Reynaud told TV6 News it was sad to learn of Minister Rambharat's announcement.

He says he believes the minister did not have all the information at hand, and they are willing to immediately provide their safety plans and meet any other requirements necessary.

Mr Reynaud says the current photo being shared is far from what it is expected to look like, a safety net and barrier was to be put in place.

He added that the water level was not going to exceed knee height, as this international sea stage event has always kept personal safety as the utmost importance with zero incidents ever recorded.

Moreover, the organisers were disappointed that after speaking with various ministers including the Minister of Tourism for months, this has happened a week from the date.


Medical workers attached to the Accident and Emergency section of the Scarborough General Hospital, who would have come into contact with the second positive case in Tobago are still reporting for duty. 

They're considered an essential service, but the OWTU says this does not mean T&TEC workers should be expected to take unnecessary risk.