The Finance Minister is dismissing any speculation that the Budget he presented in the Parliament yesterday for fiscal 2020 was an election Budget.

He says had that been the case...the Budget would have cost well above $53 billion.

He spoke about that as the business community sought more details on the bonds to help reduce outstanding VAT refunds during the Chamber of Commerce's post-Budget meeting at the Hyatt Regency hotel today.

Juhel Browne and camera operator Ryan Bascombe were there.


Champion of some Hindus and Indians in Trinidad and Tobago Satnayaran Maharaj peacefully die…

Patriotic Energies and Technologies' takeover of the Point-a-Pierre Refinery edged a step closer to reality, on Friday morning, as the company launched its new logo.

The TTPS has finally interviewed Opposition MP Dr Roodal Moonilal in relation to his parliamentary statements linking the Prime Minister to wire transfers in the Florida.