The Finance Minister is responding to a slew of allegations from the Opposition. It's regarding a perceived conflict of interest. And, he's threatening legal action against the Opposition, for their claims. The allegation stems from the belief that Minister Colm Imbert would benefit from Finance No. 2 Bill, because of incentives in the construction sector.

In a release, Imbert said money bills impact everyone in the country, including members of Parliament. So it would be impossible for everyone to recuse themselves. He went on to say he has not applied for any exemption from income tax for the project.

Imbert also denies he was building without a permit, and building above the height allowed by law. He provided a 2016 building permit, and gave examples of buildings which are much taller than two-storey, in the area. The Minister denied there was any sweetheart deal, in the purchase of land for the project. The allegation claimed he used his influence as minister to do so.

Imbert said he was a member of the opposition when the last was purchased.


All efforts will be made by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), to assist in the reduction of criminal activity in Tobago and the country at large. 

Labour issues in Tobago were high on the agenda when the Oilfields Workers Trade Union opened its new multi-million dollar building in Scarborough.