Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi says he thinks he looks great in some of the memes that float around about he declares, he expects to be verbally attacked during the upcoming election season.

He was speaking with members of Non-Profit Organisations on Thursday about the importance of their having proper financial records of their activities.

Juhel Browne reports.


WASA says it is doing all it can to supply potable water to as many communities as possible, but its reservoir levels are less than adequate, due to two consecutive dry seasons.

Fifty-one Grants have been approved, to the tune of one point three million dollars, via the Business Development Unit of the Division of Community Development.

Has the Prime Minister made media enemies? It may be Dr. Keith Rowley's interpretation of the media as he today heaped a bashing on media houses, which he says are out to serve their interests.

Thousands of residents across Rio Claro and Mayaro are pleading with WASA to send a water supply to their areas.