Attorney general Faris Al-Rawi confirmed that he too was told by Marlene McDonald about a tip off that she would be arrested.

Ms. McDonald told him that she was tipped off by the opposition leader.

Speaking to reporters following the sod turning ceremony of the Skinner Park redevelopment project this afternoon, he said McDonald came to him months before her actual arrest.

The AG says neither the Prime Minister, national security minister, nor he himself knew about the investigation.

And the Commissioner of Police has since distanced himself and the organisation from any possible leaks as is being alleged.

And while the government stands by McDonald's claim, Al-Rawi is confident it did not come from up top.


Various Protective Service Divisions from across the country came together for the fifth Police Can Cook event ,,,,

The Ministry of Works is putting measures in place in the event of flooding, ahead of the bad weather, forecast for tomorrow.

The Manuel Congo Bridge was officially opened today, replacing the single-lane Bailey bridge that was previously in use.