Local teenage sensation Aalisha Alexis recently won back-to-back tournaments at home.

Alexis, who is now preparing to write CXC, has to find ways to mix her tennis with her school work.

TV6 reporter Vinod Narwani and cameraman Immanuel Nunez visited the Nelson Mandela Park recently to meet with Alexis, who was having a training session with her coach.


The World Health Organsiation encourages countries to inoculate the most at risk first. It welcomes the Pfizer donation and explains how countries will be chosen for distribution.

A 36 year-old man dies of COVID-19 after calling relatives in the wee hours of the morning saying his oxygen was out and there was no one around. His widow, also COVID positive is calling on you to get vaccinated.

New coach Angus Eve is getting some welcomed support from the National Coaches Association as he gets set to take up his caretaker role in charge of the National team...