Post budget discussion- Tobago

What's the mood like in Tobago following their 2.283 Billion allocation? The island has been facing challenging times within the past twelve months with sea-bridge woes, tourism woes and as a result, economic woes. Diane Hadad Chairperson of the Tobago Division of the T&T Chamber of Industry and Commerce joined us on set to discuss.

Post budget discussion- Construction and Housing

The Finance Minister announced a new housing construction programme during Monday's Budget, whereby qualified small builders will now be given the opportunity to construct basic "no-frills" 3-bedroom houses on serviced lots.

Hip Hop Unite

It's an international dance competition, where winners of their respective country categories will do battle against world dancers.Currently the competition has a presence in seventeen countries around the world, including right here in T&T. In July Hip Hop Unite hosted it's T&T Leg and Abikele Gomez emerged the winner of the battle category. She will represent T&T in Holland on October 17th & 19th. The family is still seeking funds to attend as fundraiser efforts came up short.

30th Anniversary of live cricket

England's cricket team toured the West Indies almost 30 years ago and received major international television coverage. Today's it's considered absolutely normal for countries around the world to view cricket events in the Caribbean, the CPL is another great example.How did that tour almost three decades ago open doors for cricket coverage today?


Some two years and four months after Prime Minister Rowley announced in June, 2017, that this country cannot afford to pay $200 million to a foreign contractor to maintain four Augusta Westland 139 helicopters, they remain grounded.

"It's gone miles away"! If that phrase sounds familiar, you're one of may T20 fans who know the chirpy and bubbly cricket television commentator Danny Morrison.