Sharla Kistow

Sharla Kistow

Sharla Kistow started her career at CCNTV6 as an intern 2016 before joining Team 6 as a Junior Broadcast Journalist. She holds an Associate Degree in Journalism and Public Relations and is currently pursuing a degree in Mass Communications at the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago.

She believes once there is a goal, vision, plan and support from friends and family she can achieve whatever she puts her mind to. She has interest in both sport and news writing. She also enjoys the production side of the job. One of her many goals while she is on her journalistic journey, is to change the way sports is portrayed in Trinidad and Tobago.


President Paula-Mae Weekes is tonight pointing out to the Opposition UNC that there is a notification before the parliament with respect to Mr. Vincel Edwards as a nominee for Member of the Police Service Commission. 

The severe blow the tourism sector took, the agricultural sector, and surviving the covid19 pandemic, were just some of the areas THA Chief Secretary Ancil Dennis focused on, on delivering his Republic day message, to the people of Tobago.