Rynessa Cutting

Rynessa Cutting

My love for journalism took root in my childhood years, watching Carla Foderingham on the evening news. As a child I loved storybooks and novels, and I would read out loud for my younger siblings.

Naturally, I opted to pursue a Bachelor in Communications, which I obtained at the University of Tampa, Fl. Shortly after returning home I applied to TV6, and I got a call back the very next day. The rest is history.

The regular 8-4 office grind has never been up my alley. Working in the corporate world, I felt stifled, constrained. I love the freedom to create and express, which this job affords me.

My story here has only just begun, but I intend for it to be a masterpiece.


Well Carnival Monday and Tuesday has come and gone but the tradition of the Ash Wednesday Cool Down at Maracas Bay is still much alive.

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