Nicholas Lutchmansingh

Junior Broadcast Journalist Nicholas Lutchmansingh

Nicholas J. Lutchmansingh has been with CCN TV6 for close to two years as a Junior Broadcast Journalist. Who has not just been working behind the scenes but has also taken to doing human interest stories on camera for the 7pm News as well as for Morning Edition. With stories like 'View on the Vote - San Fernando', 'Maracas Mess', 'Las Cuevas' and more recently 'The Turtle’s Threat', Nicholas J. Lutchmansingh strives to bring awareness on issues affecting the man on the street and nature to the forefront, by keeping them both topical and interesting.

Nicholas is a past student of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago (COSTAATT) where he pursued and achieved his BA in Mass Communication with honors in 2015. Within his matriculation at Costaatt, he was Student Guild President for two years leading a successful campaign to have a more holistic approach to student life.

Nicholas' drive in media is rooted in the need for accurate information and being in ‘the know’ as he believes without being properly informed, accurate decision making at any level cannot be accomplished.


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