Elizabeth Williams

Multimedia Journalist with CCN TV6, The Express Newspapers, Tobago News and I95.5fm

I joined the CCN Group of Companies in July of 2007. It was always my childhood dream of being a part of the CCN team. This dream dates back to the early 80’s when I looked at TTT with presenter Dominic Kalipersad. After years of being told in school that I am too talkative, I am now employed in the media where there must be not only talk but TV6’s mantra, ‘Revealing facts and provoking Opinions’.

I am a Multimedia journalist residing in Tobago but originally from San Juan Trinidad. I have been in the media for over twenty years.

I am also a graduate of the College of Science, Technology and Applied Arts of Trinidad and Tobago, obtaining two degrees at this institution, an Associate Degree in Journalism and PR and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Mass Communication. My vision, for making a difference, does not stop here as I also conduct charity work, and often counselling those in need who reach out to me via my social media platforms.

My one desire is to continue making a difference in my community, delivering the news to the world unbiased, without fear or favour, where every creed and race finds an equal place.


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