Alicia Boucher

Senior Broadcast Journalist Alicia Boucher

I joined CCN TV6 in December 2010 as a Junior Broadcast Journalist, with high hopes of advancing in the Media world. Since then, I have tried to maintain my focus and determination, working my way up the ladder by making an effort to do everything that I put my hands to, to the best of my ability.

When it comes to journalism, I see myself as a chameleon, covering a wide range of topics including community issues, crime, entertainment, business, health and politics. I have also been a Weather Presenter and did World News presentations as a junior reporter. I am driven in part by wanting to make my mother Sandra Felix, who died when I was in my teens, proud.

In terms of personality, I am free-spirited in nature and many have referred to me as being “down to earth” and able to blend in with various surroundings. I have a passion for music.

My overall aim is to enable as many people as I can to have a voice which is heard and inspire those who come into contact with me, in whatever way I can to reach for their dreams and goals, as I continue to reach for mine. So welcome to this part of my life’s journey.

“If you’re an eagle, you can’t fly with a dove. It’s just not as brave or as bold, can’t go as high or see as well.” – Alicia Boucher


All efforts will be made by the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS), to assist in the reduction of criminal activity in Tobago and the country at large. 

Labour issues in Tobago were high on the agenda when the Oilfields Workers Trade Union opened its new multi-million dollar building in Scarborough.