Alicia Boucher

Senior Broadcast Journalist Alicia Boucher

I joined CCN TV6 in December 2010 as a Junior Broadcast Journalist, with high hopes of advancing in the Media world. Since then, I have tried to maintain my focus and determination, working my way up the ladder by making an effort to do everything that I put my hands to, to the best of my ability.

When it comes to journalism, I see myself as a chameleon, covering a wide range of topics including community issues, crime, entertainment, business, health and politics. I have also been a Weather Presenter and did World News presentations as a junior reporter. I am driven in part by wanting to make my mother Sandra Felix, who died when I was in my teens, proud.

In terms of personality, I am free-spirited in nature and many have referred to me as being “down to earth” and able to blend in with various surroundings. I have a passion for music.

My overall aim is to enable as many people as I can to have a voice which is heard and inspire those who come into contact with me, in whatever way I can to reach for their dreams and goals, as I continue to reach for mine. So welcome to this part of my life’s journey.

“If you’re an eagle, you can’t fly with a dove. It’s just not as brave or as bold, can’t go as high or see as well.” – Alicia Boucher


Well Carnival Monday and Tuesday has come and gone but the tradition of the Ash Wednesday Cool Down at Maracas Bay is still much alive.