Marshall Motano is disrepectful npublic

Machael Motanno is a disgrace and let down.Just look at the picture and tell me what type of behavior is this?Do you know what youths will think when they see this? They should give him a ticket for this Indecent behavior..

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MACHEL FAN FOR LIFE says ... on Tuesday, Jun 4 at 3:55 PM

if you all looking at in a "slack" way, then what allyuh have to say about the girl...ah set of one side minded people allyuh is in this country

mike says ... on Thursday, May 23 at 8:35 PM

I know Liz and Monty Machel and Marcus they are a family of high morals Soca is Machel,s calling it,s all about Whining Sex and Drinking so doh fool yuhself in ah setting like that anyone could get carried away D man aint no saint and so are U .

retro says ... on Monday, May 20 at 11:46 PM

This is what our society now accepts as normal.Nonesense look at the expression on Machel face and the position of the lady hands. A picture lets a thousand words.

Justcool says ... on Monday, May 20 at 10:42 PM

For those of you who see this as disrespectful behaviour, your mind is totally in the gutter. Because, you all are thinking way out of the box, and looking for something that's not there. Look again what do you really see? Your imagination is ??????

Anonymous says ... on Wednesday, May 8 at 11:30 AM

Machel, Watch your actions my boy!! You may think that these acts are funny but remember: Quote:"Lives of great men all remind us, we can make our lives sublime, and departing, leave behind us, footprints on the sands of time."Henry Wadsworth

domonic says ... on Saturday, May 4 at 10:37 PM

people just like to fight down one another cause all i see is a lady get some of his drink

Flame says ... on Sunday, Apr 28 at 7:58 PM

Don't attempt to hoist the ills of society on Machel's shoulders,morality is an issue for parents. Open your eyes to the actions of priest's and politicians then begin your chant.

Aunty says ... on Thursday, Apr 25 at 7:26 PM

What a mess, it amazes me that some folks cannot even figure out which is right and which is wrong when it comes to a case of morality........PITY?

India says ... on Monday, Apr 8 at 8:53 PM

And supa blue is a coke addict.......AND????

king critic says ... on Friday, Apr 5 at 1:54 PM

looks like the girl is trying to get some free rum from a bottle he's holding, why should he be given a ticket for indecent behavior? he wasn't naked or showing any explicit signs or gestures;when u see women dress half naked then, that's disrespect

Rescolaclement says ... on Monday, Apr 1 at 7:04 AM

I see a man with a microphone and a glass or bottle in the other hand. He is performing on a stage and a woman seems to be drinking from the container. I may need new glasses or some of you need to get your minds out of the gutter or get a real life

Sense says ... on Tuesday, Mar 26 at 11:15 AM

Trini people not easy nah! Alyuh could cry down people wayyyyyyyy. I hope everybody who criticizing here was in church from Carnival Friday to Wednesday eh!

himan says ... on Friday, Mar 22 at 7:20 PM

who vex loss...

Spicy v says ... on Friday, Mar 22 at 12:15 PM

Men are dogs, its all up to the woman to keep her wits about her and its that

nose says ... on Tuesday, Mar 19 at 7:36 PM

all I see is someone being fed a drink by another! what the hell! Alyoh mind to dutty. Machel is a entertainer and one of the best and yes he's viewed as a role model, but keep in mind, he's also human, pelt stones, I hope you all houses not glass..

rickyseechan says ... on Thursday, Mar 14 at 5:12 PM

yeah he is looking for jail boy

jones says ... on Wednesday, Mar 13 at 8:25 PM

unacceptable behaviour

princess too says ... on Monday, Mar 11 at 8:58 PM

They should both be charged. The lady has no self respect and he respects No one. DISGUSTING!!

david says ... on Saturday, Mar 9 at 2:05 AM

he ah disgrace

david says ... on Saturday, Mar 9 at 2:04 AM

machel slack

Che2 says ... on Sunday, Mar 3 at 7:16 AM

Why would a newspaper show a picture of this sort of behaviour . Shame on them

justsaying says ... on Friday, Mar 1 at 11:31 AM

all who is talking about machel about his behavior could imagine how they get on for the carnival fetes and Monday & Tuesday.

big mama says ... on Friday, Mar 1 at 11:27 AM

in case you'll did't take time to notice, this whole system has gone to the dogs when it comes to morals, so what Machel is doing in one way those who is discriminating is doing it another way, so don't hate, all is in a mess.

Cillos says ... on Thursday, Feb 28 at 6:18 PM

worries says ... yesterday at 2:32 PMAll those who are adoring this young man and is not seeing that he needs help,---TOO LATE SHALL BE THE CRY---- his behavior on or off stage leaves much to be desired. Your comment makes absolutely no sense.

worries says ... on Wednesday, Feb 27 at 10:32 AM

All those who are adoring this young man and is not seeing that he needs help,---TOO LATE SHALL BE THE CRY---- his behavior on or off stage leaves much to be desired.

vincy says ... on Wednesday, Feb 27 at 1:14 AM

leave the man alone he is a supper star who tell that girl to drink from the bottle she has no moral

empress says ... on Monday, Feb 25 at 11:08 AM

i totally agree. for a role model machel is very slack and is continually getting away with murder.yes,this is an adult but if he had any respect at all he would have never encourage that type of loose behaviour.machel really needs to check himself.

me says ... on Sunday, Feb 24 at 7:55 PM

As an 'entertainer' I find his 'performances' highly distasteful. I am disgusted by both his and the woman's behaviour. Machel has to understand that like it or not he is a role model for many including his teenaged daughter

Sukie says ... on Saturday, Feb 23 at 12:30 AM

The slackness of the youth is due to things such as influence of internet and Cable TV, limited job opportunities, children making babies . Machel could only wish that he has that much power to corrupt an entire generation all by himself.

Peter N says ... on Friday, Feb 22 at 7:21 PM

Lol... look at the sign on the crane behind him... says it all and silences all the critics.... Ha Ha Ha...

zebedee says ... on Friday, Feb 22 at 7:57 AM

Unlimited Tools. Yep.

observer says ... on Thursday, Feb 21 at 1:18 PM

30 years ago if sparrow or any other entertainer had done any thing like that they would have been charged for indecent behavior,it just shows that the moral values of the country is at an all time low.

Cillos says ... on Thursday, Feb 21 at 12:50 PM

Who are these idiots? Seems like no one can even spell Machel' that's amazing.

Cillos says ... on Thursday, Feb 21 at 12:47 PM

@ Machel Montano is the only one that WILL make it to BET. You losers need to move on and please learn to spell his least. says ... on Wednesday, Feb 20 at 6:44 PM

Marshall only known in caribbean that is as far as he will reach. to disrespectfu,l arrogant you will never see him on BET getting any award the guy is to big for himself very sad, am sorry for those who think he is a role model it is pitttttyfull. .

grapefruit says ... on Monday, Feb 18 at 8:36 AM

he has plenty moneymarshal montano feel he has plenty money and he can do what wants get away with it. he marshal have no respect for the young children groing up in trinidad&tobago. and all who favour hiim is just the same with no respect.

Mrinforjustice says ... on Sunday, Feb 17 at 3:21 PM

It take him five years to say "I AM SORRY" and some dumb Trinidadians will believe that he really meant it. This is not the first time this guy ran afoul of the law and keeping getting away, because the courts continue to play with him.Jail him.

supaphreak says ... on Sunday, Feb 17 at 11:37 AM

after 5yrs he now admits he's sorry??? WTF!! could he not do that like 5yrs earlier??

baje says ... on Sunday, Feb 17 at 10:53 AM

This is trinidad this is what u get u do not c a lot af that in tobago but let us c how long he will do it

barataria says ... on Saturday, Feb 16 at 1:43 AM

we must remember, that this behaviour stems from the company that you keep, our elders taught us to, show me your friends and I will tell you who you are,machel and all those thugs that support him are nothing but undesirables to trinidad and tobago,

TOO MUCH says ... on Friday, Feb 15 at 3:03 PM

yes Machel was wrong for abusing and disrepecting his assailant, but if you all read and study the law, the crime could be lead to a maximum of Jail time.... Learn the law and if you dont like what you see. close your eyes and cork your ears..Gosh!!!

TOO MUCH says ... on Friday, Feb 15 at 2:58 PM

You all are some hyprocites, Sparrow had the same behavior, but yet you all consider him a GREAT ROLE MODEL. Lets stop all this "blame this and blame that". You all are responsible for teaching your kids RIGHT from Wrong... GET OVER IT!!!!!!!

moody says ... on Friday, Feb 15 at 10:26 AM

women need to respect themselves ,no one cant stop you or encourage you to behave or act stupid

karen5 jamaica says ... on Tuesday, Feb 12 at 2:25 AM

his carnival time you guys need to leave machael alone and mind your gotdum business

Timmaz24s says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 5:46 PM

I agree Machel is great performer. It does not mean he can beat u people and get away with it. So if he rape a woman or kill someone that mean he has a get out jail free card. What this is monopoly? I dont care who you are yuh not nice pay d price.

DeDougla says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 5:05 AM

I wonder how many people criticizing Machel, listen with rapt, adoring attention when Hiphop "artistes" sing total trash liberally laced with rank obscenities, or revere reggae artistes when they degrade women.

viva says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 12:34 AM

when carnival is banned forever and alcohol made illegal, we'll finally have a country thats on its way to better.

viva says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 12:30 AM

short rope for magga goat!!! super blue is a original boss!!!!

D toolum man says ... on Sunday, Feb 10 at 9:26 PM

Shameful it is! and all the people who defending him they are all the same. blame carnival what a shame.

nuffy says ... on Sunday, Feb 10 at 3:40 AM

whoever find this not disgraceful has no morality trinidad need jesus.

jussaying says ... on Saturday, Feb 9 at 9:17 PM

Most judging machel and not examining themselves.Criminal? what defines that, for the haters get a life. Life diversions are sometimes unsettling,painful and we need to divert to make more of our lives so get a life cease the attack.God is in control

Cocowigglez says ... on Saturday, Feb 9 at 3:38 AM

Marshall montano sucks..sundar popo rocks...vaughn salandy likes? Fill in the blanks and submit

looker on says ... on Friday, Feb 8 at 11:05 PM

Hope this will send him where he belongs

starr says ... on Friday, Feb 8 at 9:02 PM

take a chill pill....Machel is pure vibes and d woman is an adult - i hope this person who put this up 1) learns to spell and 2) does mind her business as well as she does monitor Machel own....*sings* doh mind doh mind my business..........

Satan says ... on Friday, Feb 8 at 7:19 PM

Who is Marshall Montano?

Spring tx says ... on Friday, Feb 8 at 6:46 PM

I believe Trinidadians have a tendency of criticizing Machel Mantono for everything in he does, he is a Superstar in the Soca Arena, there is nothing like him. The picture showed women gabbing him blame the women for there behavior. Machel continue w

sugarcane says ... on Thursday, Feb 7 at 9:01 PM

I think there is good entertainment. Yes he is a godd entertainer, but vulgarity is different. I do not blame him, I blame the women who put themselves in those situations. The have no shame

Vex. says ... on Thursday, Feb 7 at 8:30 PM

So some of these comments sounds like they are promoting sexual behaviors, because it is Carnival, so it is alright to teach our children to drink beer from Trinidad, criminal superstar, Machel, make believe sexual organ. What a Shame, Carnival eh.

concerned says ... on Thursday, Feb 7 at 7:26 AM

imagine if was a man in front him....he has to keep proving to the public that he likes women..just for show

rassputtin says ... on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 9:41 PM

i totally agree with princess13 his actions is distasteful dem fellas out ah hand in tnt

Mr. Reasonable says ... on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 8:43 PM

I am definitely not surprise. What does the word Carnival means? Carni means "flesh" while Val means to play. In other words the flesh comes out to play,so therefore anything will happen. Please dont judge him,pray for him.God will intervene.

trinijo says ... on Wednesday, Feb 6 at 9:05 AM

Machel is a disgrace to his country, school, parents. what disgrace . Macher needs to know there is a bigger power than money and machel. The longest rope has an end.

london Trini says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 11:42 PM

All i have to say is hate us, hate us, it's all entertainment, what is the fuss about, it's carnival time that's when we let go of all the stress and enjoy ourselves as trini's, also it brings in revenue for the country remember all the visitors.

J Rampersad says ... on Sunday, Feb 3 at 5:48 PM

Look at his company. Look at the friends he has in high places

Saucy says ... on Saturday, Feb 2 at 5:47 PM

there is so much crime in triniddad and tobago to pay attention to and this is what you all have a problem with .When you guys buying pirate copies of the same soca artist .Nothing wrong with that right a bunch of hypocrites.When Calder Hart take

happapp says ... on Saturday, Feb 2 at 5:00 PM

It all depends on where your mind is. i.e. if you have one.

chull says ... on Friday, Feb 1 at 6:47 PM

what is de saying, * if u want to b my slave i will let you*. the woman is at fault. and his Sponsors should ask him to tone it down. it's a little to much, even for Carnival.

pe says ... on Friday, Feb 1 at 7:12 AM

I enjoyed Morning Edition yesterday wit Machel, Iwer & d commentator. This how Tv does it. That's y dey r #1 :-)

Ah boy....we trinis.. says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 2:05 PM

Seriously - have you people been living under a rock? De man entertaining like this for years. Wrong or right, he is certainly not responsible for the bad behavior in the youths of today! Get a life please...and some cable tv for a reality check!

2bagogal says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 2:27 AM

These are the people we have as role models for our youths? He was one young man I had admired, but over the years what a shameful display.Machel you might have money today, but that is no passport for such distasteful behavior,SHAME ON YOU. NASTY

filmguy says ... on Wednesday, Jan 30 at 7:35 PM

You people are totally overreacting! This is what you get with has always been that way. Everyone is on the "jail Machel" bandwagon. Machel Montano has done more for T&T than our tourist board in promoting our country.

Anonymous says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 10:48 PM

at the end of the day women need to respect themselves first , when you look into a mirror , what do you see ? a reflection of your self , and if that young lady respected herself then Machel would not have had done that . so don't jus see Machel smh

gloucester city new jersey says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 7:04 PM

machael shame on you,i had a lot of respect for you but lately you are behaving like someone with no character, values or morals you beleive you are above everything don't worry your days are numbered. people need to stop following him.

Njuru Beard says ... on Tuesday, Jan 29 at 12:43 PM

Why is this a surprise? The man abuses his own mother in public using the most filthy language but BMobile continues to sponsor him since they have no ethics. Imagine Nike drop Tiger Woods for his private behaviour but BMobile support Montano.

KlugManton says ... on Monday, Jan 28 at 9:40 PM

Lewd, indecent and unbecoming behaviour! Definitely not an national icon. Definitely not someone who is cognizant of his impending court judgement. Machael, you continue to give us ammunition to assess who/what you really are

trini says ... on Monday, Jan 28 at 7:51 PM

people complain complain complain.........................................................................................................................................................................................................................

simon says ... on Monday, Jan 28 at 7:19 PM

I have saying that four years, talent big...character weak. It's time to reward good character.

isme says ... on Monday, Jan 28 at 1:14 PM

Ironic advert overhead.

trinigal says ... on Sunday, Jan 27 at 4:33 PM

what a shame and disgrace. This is what the culture reach to. Yuh will never ketch non of the older calypsonians behaving like this.

Spanish says ... on Thursday, Jan 24 at 6:57 PM

NO respect. That is what he teaching the youths. And that lady like she desperate. NO SHAME, TOTAL DISGRACE.

Princess13 says ... on Thursday, Jan 24 at 10:09 AM

I totally agree. For a role model, that is slack behavior & then everyone does wonder where youths nowadays getting this behavior from!

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