Flood brought Big snake in Aranguez!!

This snake was caught wrapped around a T&TEC pole in Chotoo Street,Aranguez trying to escape from the flood!!

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lolll says ... on Wednesday, Nov 27 at 6:56 PM

i hate snakes

edwin says ... on Tuesday, Nov 19 at 4:24 PM

actually it is an anaconda, could swallow you whole if you allow it too

nafeesa says ... on Monday, Nov 11 at 8:15 PM

trini's are biggest maccow ppl in the world

RSS says ... on Saturday, Nov 2 at 8:59 PM

You foolish pple dats a macajuel

zoya says ... on Wednesday, Sep 25 at 11:41 AM

Trinis are the most dotish ppl on earth

kevin says ... on Wednesday, Aug 28 at 9:58 PM

its a snake not a life

anita says ... on Saturday, Aug 10 at 8:33 PM

i wish he come by me and eat dem frogs

weird says ... on Wednesday, Jul 31 at 10:52 AM

i think its a worm

Michael says ... on Thursday, Jul 4 at 10:30 PM

People act as if seeing a snake is like seeing the devil. One man says he will blaze it, etc. That snake is just a non-poisonous constrictor (macajuel).

schumari says ... on Saturday, Jun 22 at 7:25 PM


indian with ah english name says ...on wednesday,june 12 at 9:53 pm says ... on Wednesday, Jun 12 at 9:57 PM

I live in that area, an I hope it doesn't have anymore

Rita says ... on Saturday, Jun 1 at 5:12 PM

So ,what is going to happen to the snake?

ryan1017 says ... on Sunday, May 26 at 6:06 PM

wow, ah wonder if we roast him how it goh taste, lol

Smallz says ... on Wednesday, May 22 at 2:07 PM


Melissa says ... on Monday, May 20 at 8:51 PM

Yuh know Trinidadians like to make a big scene.

Nat's says ... on Monday, Apr 22 at 4:09 PM

After reading all that I felt as if I was at some laugh fest so it is a snake which I fear all and don't even go to the zoo. Some people are really talanted, so now that the rains are upon us the snakes come out and trinis need to educate, cut bush

USA says ... on Monday, Apr 15 at 6:34 PM

this comment is for the foreign reporter. The comment you left here on April 11 has nothing to do with the article above .I guest you can't read . From what you wrote I can tell you are races comments like that should not be allowed to be written .

the foreign reporter says ... on Thursday, Apr 11 at 11:56 AM

Trinidadian's Indian population are terrible. The Indians and some black people are such low life. The Indian people are criminals always robbing from ,raping and murdering the non Indians --it's a shame .They should hang the Indian in rage, Chadee

micheal says ... on Monday, Mar 18 at 7:48 PM

that looks scary

enlightented says ... on Saturday, Mar 16 at 6:43 PM

Gosh people real chupid oui. Python my @$$. That is a Macajuel good grief. No more poisonous than a rabbit. Set a imps. Swallow people alive. Too much hollywood. Switch off de TV and read something nuh. In fact dont blog if you're a dunce.

talk nah says ... on Monday, Mar 11 at 7:35 PM

mu ehh you real stupid fuh spite if i find you in d forest i going and pull out meh gun and kill you and yuh go tell meh how it feel

the foreign reporter says ... on Wednesday, Mar 6 at 6:47 PM

trinidadian's black population are terrible. The blacks and some indians people are such low lifes.The black people are criminals( always robbing from ,raping and murdering the non blacks --it's a shame .They should hang the blacks in a rage .

lol says ... on Thursday, Feb 28 at 8:13 AM


Petra says ... on Thursday, Feb 21 at 2:36 PM

This is a Boa Constrictor ("Macajuel"). NOT a Python. Oh gosh people....learn about your local flora and fauna.

yea man says ... on Monday, Feb 11 at 8:16 PM

that snake is from trini an it dont have a snake i have ever see that can eat a man if u want to no bout snakes lean about them before u talk bout them..... i would of tell u all why it cant but becazzzz u all no bout it am at sayin notin

animallova says ... on Sunday, Feb 10 at 9:39 AM

That snake is harmless and scared,someone's pet that got too large to keep

Dynamic says ... on Saturday, Feb 9 at 4:17 AM

Has anyone ever figured out where the recently caught anaconda came from? Or am I late. WHERE DID THIS SNAKE COME FROM? At least it has company at the zoo.

Peter says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 6:09 PM

There is supposed to be about 150.000 Phythons that are now in the Florida Everglades, Pets that were let go by their owners that got too large to keep.Rewards are offered for everyone that is Killed. One burst open trying to swallow an Alligator

Peter says ... on Tuesday, Feb 5 at 6:02 PM

What a Beauty, That is a Python. Harmless, only will attack if Hungry. Not indigenous to Trinidad. Someones pet that grew too large so they let him go. Only problem is that he will be feasting on our wildlife as is happening in Florida Everglades

debradaly11 says ... on Thursday, Jan 31 at 8:00 PM

scary i would not like to be the one to find him

Sam Cook! says ... on Thursday, Jan 10 at 9:51 PM

Today's menu Curry,and Babeque snake.

my god people says ... on Wednesday, Jan 9 at 10:39 AM

....really....you think that's a pyton....really!!?

Snakeman says ... on Monday, Jan 7 at 3:01 AM

Caroline if I see you in he forest I will blaze you too

caroline says ... on Saturday, Jan 5 at 7:42 PM

I am a hunter an if i going, true d bush and c one in dat,' Ill' blaze em!

bang says ... on Friday, Dec 28 at 6:55 AM

trinidad have real chupid people yes. who called the snake a python. That is a macajuel, aka boa constrtictor, that snake (1) dont attack people and (2) is not poisonous (3) that represents the biodiversity of our forests

bang says ... on Friday, Dec 28 at 6:50 AM

dat is a macajuel. dat aint doin nobody nothing. it have bigger than that up by me.

Not telling you my name says ... on Friday, Dec 21 at 3:23 PM

Nice snake, but I just ate my lunch. It seems that after eating your lunch is a bad time to be on this website- BLECHAURGH!!! Yeah, I just puked.

Empress says ... on Monday, Dec 17 at 10:58 AM

Wow dats a big snake!

Mu says ... on Thursday, Dec 13 at 11:39 AM

I hoped they killed it!

Anonymous says ... on Sunday, Nov 25 at 12:07 AM

Wth wrong with trinidadians, don't they know those things when full grown swallow men whole.

Jarren says ... on Friday, Nov 23 at 6:44 PM

That snake is not indigenous to here, thats a python, lets hope its not a burmese those things grow larger than anacondas

triniyungting says ... on Friday, Nov 16 at 7:35 PM

That snake surely looks like someone's pet..

Anon says ... on Tuesday, Nov 13 at 8:04 PM

That snake looks like someone's pet. Doesn't it look well fed;and its coat is pretty. That isn't a snake from the wild else it would have had the scars to show

Anonymous says ... on Friday, Nov 9 at 7:31 PM

Now this is scary!

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